Street: Why did you decide to study at Penn? 

Samantha Pureblood: I’ve been at Hogwarts since I was 11, so I was ready for a change. And I’ve always been fascinated with America. Why do you only use red cups? What’s a gun and why do I need one? So many questions. 

Street: How have you enjoyed Penn so far? 

SP: The first few days I kept showing up at the on–campus castle for class because, duh. But apparently people prefer to learn in an Azkaban–y aesthetic. 

Street: Is it hard to live as a Muggle for a semester? 

SP: Is that a joke? You guys have computers! We’re still using parchment and quills for reasons no one has ever been able to explain. Also, I’ll take Uber over broomstick any day of the week. 

Street: What do you do on a typical Thursday night? 

SP: I usually sell my homemade artisanal love potions in front of Rumor. It’s, how you say… a start–up? 

Street: Is that how you bought your shoes? 

SP: Yes, these are my fourth pair of Yeezys.


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