Hit it: Summer in Winter

Quit it: Winter in Winter

Sometimes we've got spring break weather in Philly, and we’re not complaining. With temperatures in the 70s, our only sad thought is the fact that people still don’t believe in global warming. Ditch your expensive plane tickets to paradise and just enjoy the warm weather for free. Nothing beats a mid–winter darty. 

Hit it: Martini SZN

Quit it: Bikini SZN

Spring Break forever? As if. You've ditched the beach; now you can ditch the beach bod, but keep drinking. In the end, nothing leaves you feeling more body confident than a nice day buzz.

Hit it: March Madness

Quit it: Midterm Madness

With exams hopefully behind us for awhile, we can start focusing our attention on college basketball. Whether you watch it for sincere intrigue or to see which colleges are worth visiting because their players are next–level hot, there’s no shame in screaming (or drooling) in front of your television. Sit back, relax and revel in the fact that some schools actually have sports–related school spirit.