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Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor: Announcing Street's New Penn 10

Get ready for some chance encounters with the senior class.

Penn10 cover photo.png
Photo: Linda Ting

In past years, Penn 10, a special issue highlighting graduating seniors, has been positioned as Penn's younger, cooler, 30 under 30. And that’s awesome, because so many people on campus are doing such impressive stuff at any given time. We spotlight some of these people every week in our Ego section, particularly in Ego of the Week, where we profile a senior who’s well known on campus and active in the Penn community. 

But this year, we wanted to tone down our focus on accomplishments and instead work to give a full picture of the senior class, using Penn 10 as a platform. So we decided to go with a game of chance. 

We randomly selected 10 Penn seniors—combing the Facebook page and using a random number generator to get the names—and asked them to sit down with Street writers. Our goal is to get a sense not just of their Penn experiences, but of who they are as people. And we also want to spotlight people who we might not have gotten a chance to talk to otherwise.

This year's issue of Penn 10 has soccer players, computer science majors, cat owners, and much more. I won't spoil the surprise and tell you who's been chosen, but it could be anyone. And that's the beauty of it. But what really matters is that we have a well–rounded sample of the senior class and their stories. 

My friends who do statistics tell me that 10 is too few for a random sample of thousands, but hey, it’s a start. We’re so excited for Street’s new Penn 10 and we hope you are too. Get ready for some chance encounters with the senior class.

Our print issue and online project page will be out on Wednesday April 24, with profiles, portraits, and video interviews with Street’s new Penn 10. 


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