Miguel might be the headliner at this year’s Spring Fling on Saturday, April 13, but it’s J.I.D., the show's special guest, who deserves the spotlight as an East Atlanta rapper who has been rising up in the music scene for the last two years. Street takes a look into what J.I.D. brings to the table and why we should be excited for his performance at Spring Fling. 

Destin Choice Route's stage name, J.I.D., comes from his grandma's nickname for him, which describes how "jittery" he was when he was young. Right after releasing his first mixtape in 2010, J.I.D joined the music group Spillage Village, which was started by Atlanta hip–hop duo EARTHGANG at Hampton University, Virginia, where J.I.D was studying at the time. Spillage Village’s collective is composed of EARTHGANG, J.I.D., Hollywood JB, JodxnBryant, Marian Mereba, 6LACK, and Lute. Their music takes from jazz, soul, and hip–hop, creating a sound that is engaging and immediately identifiable. 

In 2017, J.I.D. released his first full–length album after signing onto J. Cole’s record label Dreamville earlier in the year. The album is packed with Spillage Village members, from EarthGang to 6LACK. Working more in collaboration with J.Cole, J.I.D. also opened for him on his 4 Your Eyez Only Tour in North America and Europe. However, it’s J.I.D.’s most recent project, DiCaprio 2, that has received the most positive critical acclaim, as it acts as a subtle transition from his old style. DiCaprio 2 was released in 2018 on Nov. 16, with an extended list of collaborators such as A$AP Ferg and BJ the Chicago Kid. 

The influence of Atlanta rap can be felt in J.I.D’s music, through his powerful lyrics and effortless raps. He attributes his influence to specific Atlanta artists such as Gucci Mane, T.I., and OutKast. J.I.D.'s higher pitched tone brings a different dimension to his tracks, adding a pop of personalized style. There’s a real melody throughout J.I.D.’s music, bringing a stark contrast to the typical monotonous string of words over a heavy beat that many other artists tend to follow. In an interview with Rolling Stone, J.I.D. states that he tries not to glorify drug deals and illegal acts because of his experience growing up around that scene. Even J.I.D.’s lyrics reflect this idea, as they tend to focus on having fun and joyous experiences. Given that J.I.D.'s studio recordings are already full of hype and energy, we shouldn't expect anything less from his live performance. 

Songs to play on repeat before Fling: "151 Rum," "NEVER," and "Off Da Zoinkys."