When we started working through the idea to go random with Penn 10 this year, we weren’t really sure if it was going to work. But the result was better than we could've expected. This issue could have been populated by any permutation of the thousands of seniors at Penn, and it would have still been amazing, because everyone at Penn has a meaningful story. We hope that, whatever your Penn experience, you find kernels of it represented here.

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Penn 10: 73 Questions 

We asked each senior six–ish questions about Penn, life, and everything in between. The total was 73 Vogue–style questions getting to know Street's new Penn 10. 

Photo: Ethan Wu

Eden Harris

The social chair of Penn First and Netter Center volunteer is a role model for other students and herself. 

Photo: Ethan Wu

Aadir Khan

Aadir has presented at the Pentagon three times, but right now he just wants to grill some sausages. 

Photo: Ethan Wu

Vivian Dai

Farmers markets, computer science—Vivian does it all, but she wants you to quit. 

Photo: Ethan Wu

Erumuse Momoh

Muse works as hard on the varsity soccer field as he does in the classroom, and he's finally figured out the meaning of 'Black Swan'. 

Photo: Ethan Wu

Drew Baltrus

An expert in coffee and Philly sports, Drew Baltrus dreams of hanging out with Joel Embiid and his dog.  

Photo: Ethan Wu

Isabella Anastassoff

Isabella, business maven, lives by the mantra: "Chicago doesn't believe in tears." 

Photo: Ethan Wu

Emmett Neyman

Emmett, president of the ultimate Frisbee team, is the kind of guy who will purposely take Locust Walk. 

Photo: Ethan Wu

Vickie Yin

Equipped with a classical music playlist and a meditation routine, Vickie can conquer anything from the MCATs to protesters. 

Photo: Ethan Wu

Jackson Betz

The bells player and self–described architecture nerd reflects on his bumpy and enlightening journey at Penn, and the personal connections he’s made. 

Photo: Ethan Wu

Scott MacGuidwin

Scott’s recipe for success: a fountain pen, exactly eight hours of sleep, and a cat as an alarm clock