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Jessa Glassman


Binged 'This Is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist'? Check Out These Recommendations

How to satisfy your art crime craving after finishing the groundbreaking limited series

Meet Tavi Kim, the Sophomore Using Collaboration to Get His Creative Juices Flowing

Artist Inspiration | How this design student is spending his semester off in the studio 

The Story of Van Gogh's Sunflowers

How the flower became intertwined with the artist's career and reputation 

Get Cheery with Cherry Blossoms

How to experience peak bloom at Penn and beyond

Uncover Penn’s Hidden Histories Through the Augmented Reality App

The Penn & Slavery Project’s educational, critical, and accessible new app is available for download.

Feast Your Eyes on the Psychology Behind Plating

How eating can be a multi–sensory experience, even during COVID–19

Addy Walker and the History of Black Dolls in America

Representation in the doll industry is more powerful than ever.

Five Pieces 'Taking Space' at the PAFA

Sampling some of the works using space as a social metric in this exhibit

Creativity Cures: An Insight into Art Therapy

What is art therapy and how is it making a difference? 

Meet Naomi Rosenblum, the Wharton Junior Breaking Out of Her Business Bubble

Artist Inspiration | How this student artist uses her art to spread positivity   

Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls

 Uncovering the muses behind the masterpieces 

PMA Titles that Hit Different at the Start of the New Semester

Oscar Wilde was right—life really does imitate art.

Arts and Crafts ... and Gender

A breakdown of the historic exclusion of women artists and the dismissal of traditionally “feminine” art forms

A Happy Little Article About Bob Ross

How this artist brought 'The Joy of Painting' to millions

Rethinking the Rotunda: A Modern Look at the Capitol's Art

What present–day America can learn from the artwork housed in the Capitol Building

Inside the Minds of the Most Uncreative Creatives

 How forgery has and continues to shape the art world.

Meet Amy Krimm: A Generational Embroider Stitching Memories into Reality

Artist Spotlight | How this visual studies student and self–taught artist inherited her love for sewing 

Meet Eleanor Shemtov: A Creative Fusing Her Interests in Design and Technology

The co–founder and co–editor–in–chief of “t-art” is committed to the artistic community at Penn and beyond.

Design 21: A Class Arming the Next Generation of Designers with Radical Innovation and Social Awareness

Course Spotlight | Street speaks with Professor Telhan about the future of design.

Meet Erin O’Malley: A Poet Exploring the Intersection of Gender, Pop Culture, and Asian–American Narratives

How non–rhyming poetry shaped the Excelano Project President’s love for words
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