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Jessa Glassman


A Year Through My Headphones

Using my top tracks to reminisce about 2021

Strike a Pose: Presenting Arts House’s “Vogue”

The group’s first in–person show in two years was a stylish success.

WTF is an NFT?

Here’s everything you need to know about these crypto collectibles.

Meet Emma Blum: From Writing on the Playground to Winning Awards

Artist Spotlight | How this English student imbues emotion in every sentence 

Are you following Monet on Twitter?

Discover the “art bots” that are giving history’s favorite artists a social media presence.

City of Brotherly Love … and Thousands of Murals

Four must–see murals around campus and just across the Market Street Bridge.

Fighting Climate Change for the Future ... and the Past

The effects of global warming on the monuments and archeological triumphs of our history cannot be underestimated.

Meet Isabel Hu: A Traditional Painter Turned Tattoo Artist and Digital Creator

Artist Spotlight | How this design student lets art rule her life with no regrets

Carolyn Gross, from Mise–En-Scène to Mise–En–Place

How one Penn alum’s experience as a cinema studies major led her to the Food Network 

'God Complex: A Different Philadelphia' Brings Criticism, Conversation, and Change to the Arthur Ross Gallery

There’s no excuse not to take advantage of Roberto Lugo’s eye–opening exhibition.

Deep Inside Pornhub’s 'Classic Nudes' Museum Guide

Who knew museums could be this sexy?

The Philadelphia Art Museum You Know and Love, Now with Frank Gehry Flair

Here’s an excuse to take a day off and enjoy the refurbished museum.

Afghanistan’s Artifacts Under Attack

What the Taliban takeover means for the country’s cultural heritage 

Binged 'This Is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist'? Check Out These Recommendations

How to satisfy your art crime craving after finishing the groundbreaking limited series

Meet Tavi Kim, the Sophomore Using Collaboration to Get His Creative Juices Flowing

Artist Inspiration | How this design student is spending his semester off in the studio 

The Story of Van Gogh's Sunflowers

How the flower became intertwined with the artist's career and reputation 

Get Cheery with Cherry Blossoms

How to experience peak bloom at Penn and beyond

Uncover Penn’s Hidden Histories Through the Augmented Reality App

The Penn & Slavery Project’s educational, critical, and accessible new app is available for download.

Feast Your Eyes on the Psychology Behind Plating

How eating can be a multi–sensory experience, even during COVID–19

Addy Walker and the History of Black Dolls in America

Representation in the doll industry is more powerful than ever.
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