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Welcome to 34th Street Magazine's Climate Change Issue. This is our world too, and we should never forget that.

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Photo: Jessi Olarsch

Finding My Will to Fight for the Planet 

I guess I'd call it environmental guilt—a feeling of being completely useless and also completely responsible for more than I want to accept. It’s the fear of extinction. But climate action on Penn’s campus gives me an incredible sense of purpose. Here, I get to be pissed off alongside a group of equally angry, intelligent people.

Photo courtesy of Aimee Olexy

Aimee Olexy Wants You To Know Where Your Food Comes From

Aimee Olexy, a mainstay of the Philly food scene, is known for her farm–to–table restaurants like Talula's Table and The Love. But her real mission? Encouraging people to make "good food choices," whether that's sustainability or seasonality. 

Photo: Lily Sutton Photo by Lily Sutton.

The Faces of Fossil Free Fridays

The Fossil Free Penn sit–ins are a powerful way of taking a stand—or rather, a seat—against the lack of action on the part of Penn's leaders. There’s a shared passion in the hearts of every student sitting in at College Hall each Friday. It goes beyond just a protest—it’s a movement.

Behind the 1.5* Minute Climate Lectures

This article, and the accompanying video, take you behind the scenes of Penn's 1.5* Minute Climate Lectures, a new initiative featuring students and professors talking through topics in sustainability.