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Aria Vyas


Social Causes on Social Media: How To Combat Performative Activism

Why performative activism endangers progress

British Drama ‘It’s a Sin’ Makes Waves in HIV/AIDS Awareness Efforts

Thoughts on a heart–wrenching and exuberant tribute to victims of the HIV/AIDS epidemic

What the Switch to Remote Learning Means for Students with Disabilities

Lessons on allyship and inclusivity from Disability Advocacy @ Penn

Talk to Your Doctor (and Hope They Believe You)

One woman's experience with endometriosis and explaining the pain gap

What 'Allen v. Farrow' Can Teach Us About Society's Response to Abuses of Power

Examining the factors surrounding the allegations of sexual assault against Woody Allen, and the legacy of harmful behaviors by powerful men

A Closer Look at 'Crashing' and the Magic of Phoebe Waller–Bridge

Before 'Fleabag,' there was 'Crashing.' 

Philadelphia’s Murals Send Powerful Messages About Black History Month

Must–see sights during Black History Month 
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