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Hannah and John


69th Street: Ghosting

John unpacks this very spooky—and very common—situation.

69th Street: Where Are All the Queer, Cuff–able Women?

Hannah discusses the trials and tribulations of finding queer women on campus that are interested in relationships.

69th Street: Feelings for Friends and Confessing Kinks

Hannah and John answer questions on having romantic feelings for a friend and wanting to get kinkier with a significant other.

69th Street: Pegging for Beginners

John and Hannah respond to the overwhelming amount of pegging questions.

69th Street: On Valentine's Day

John's and Hannah take on this ever–relevant holiday

69th Street: Body Counts and DTR–ing

Hannah and John discuss sleepin' around and lockin' em down.

69th Street: Say Cheese

Readers asked about taking in–action sex pictures, and we answered.

69th Street: Thou Shalt Go On Bad Dates

And thou shalt (kind of) like it?
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