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Lehua Chong


Yoga, Pilates, Hotties!

Here's a test: listen to the title track of Madonna's new album, American Life, and if you don't wince when she starts rapping, you're a true fan.

Soul for Sale

"It's like Allen Iverson playing basketball," explained a fellow food critic about a $200 bottle of wine.

W.O.T.S.: A New Kind of Marxism

Richard Marx is haunting me. An insomniac, it sometimes takes me hours to fall asleep. Better yet, I often awake in the middle of the night -- five, six o'clock -- still tired and wanting to fall into a heavy sleep cycle, and always -- well not always, but unnervingly often -- with Richard Marx, anguished and melancholy in my skull.

Body Building God's Way

It's the first meeting of church fitness group Body Building God's Way, and God is working against them.

Wots: Alcohol and stirrups don't mix

She awakens at 5:40 in the morning, nauseous and hung over from the night before. She can't even sleep.

Guides: An Interstellar Burst

Fels Planetarium 222 N. 20th Street 9:30 p.m., $8 (215) 448-1388 http://www.laserfantasy.com/Laser_Shows/philly.html I could have hit the annoying woman introducing the show.
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