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Dissecting the New Movies on Netflix this January

Netflix January Additions Dissected


Deconstructing Diversity in this Year's 'Best Director' Nominations

The Oscars aren't doing enough for diversity in Hollywood.

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'Thelma and Louise': Two Girls, One Gun, and a Lack of Intersectional Feminism

What we can learn about Hollywood’s progress (or lack of it) from Thelma & Louise.

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New Documentary about Penn Alum Gloria Allred Hits Netflix

'Seeing Allred' chronicles the famed women's rights attorney and her 40–year legal career.


Dinner with a Side of 30 Rowdy Penn Kids

At Philly BYOs, Penn students push profits up but drive other diners away.

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The Precarious Life of a Penn Graduate Student

Inside their two–year campaign for unionization.

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Club Spotlight: Bent Button Productions

An inside look at Penn’s only student filmmaking club.


The 7,000–Mile Divide

They're the largest group of international students at Penn but over 85 percent of Chinese international students say they don't have one American friend.


Center City Celebration: Your 21st Birthday Dinner, Planned

Porta for dinner, 1 Tippling Place for drinks, Ranstead Room for a nightcap.

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Revisiting 'All The President’s' Men In Light of 'The Post'

Dissecting why Katherine Graham was mostly left out of the iconic 1976 film.


Foreign Movies to Watch Alone for Valentine's Day

Snuggle up and turn on the subtitles. 

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Netflix Revives the Rom–Com with 'Set It Up'

Millennials almost killed the rom–com. Netflix might've just fixed it.


How Penn Dental Acquired an Empress' 19th–Century Carriage

The story of the horse carriage in the dental school's foyer.


Exhumed Films: The Film Group Bringing Horror Classics to Penn's Campus

Exhumed Films founder Jesse Nelson hosts oddball movie screenings at Lightbox Film Center.

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Movies to Prep You for the Super Bowl

No field experience needed. 


Your Customized Guide to Valentine’s Movie Showings

Anything but 'Fifty Shades Freed.'

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