The Kills are another boy-girl indie band that conjures up memories of the White Stripes, but where their contemporaries failed, The Kills succeed. With a female lead singer rather than the customary male, Keep on Your Mean Side is an angst-ridden, sexy record that stays away from the pop grooves of current indie bands in favor of a darker, edgier blues-influenced sound. The Kills are what Hole could have been if Courtney Love's ego didn't get in the way. The songs are simple but surprisingly poignant. This is a great album for those gloomy Saturdays when you just want to sit on your sofa downing malt liquor. Keep on Your Mean Side hits its high notes with "Fried My Little Brains" and "Fuck the People." But tracks like "Kissy Kissy" and "Wait" -- on which lead singer VV tries to sing -- drag on for too long and struggle to keep up with the rest of the record. The Kills will make you fall in love with them... right before they tear your heart out.