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Derek Wong


Red Velvet Entrances Listeners in Alluring New Album ‘Chill Kill’

The K–Pop group’s third studio album is a haunting, multidimensional project, highlighting the members’ strengths.

The Weird Ethics of Posthumous Music

How should we handle the craft of an artist who’s no longer with us?

Society Needs More Spooky Season Songs

Our favorite season has a scant modern soundtrack that goes along with it.

G Flip Invites You To Their All–Inclusive, Headbanging Jam Session at The Foundry

Stopping in Philly for their first US tour, the Aussie singer–drummer commanded the crowd through cathartic songs and introspective lyricism.

'LOONATIC' Deals: The Saga of the LOONA vs. Blockberry Creative Lawsuits

LOONA’s fight against their former company is a Cinderella story that uncovers the shady deals lurking behind K–Pop company contracts.

Olivia Rodrigo Spills All of Her ‘GUTS’ To The World

On her sophomore project, Rodrigo shows that she’s no longer a teenager, but a maturing artist with a lot to say.

Survival of the Fittest: Why K–Pop Survival Shows Remain Popular

K–Pop shows exhibit a recent resurgence in popularity, with more than a dozen shows appearing within the past year.

‘Y’all Means All,’ Except in Country Music

How the genre struggles to balance its conservative veterans with its progressive breakouts

In ‘Dirt Femme,’ Tove Lo Reveals Her True Self

The Swede’s first independently–released album is unapologetically in love with dance music, and all the better for it.

Taylor Swift is an Anti–Hero in ‘Midnights,’ but a Mastermind at 3 a.m.

Swift's tenth studio album sets a foot back into pop territory without fully committing to it.

Darlings Should Worry About Harry Styles’ Acting Ventures

The actor’s latest dive into acting puts the musician–actor pipeline into question.

BLACKPINK is slowly losing their K–Pop identity with BORN PINK

Their second studio album highlights creative stagnation and contradictory messaging.

Rina Sawayama’s ‘Hold The Girl’ Exemplifies When Ambition Falls Short

The British–Japanese singer’s second studio album is overflowing with zeal, but not enough direction.

A Night Out at Grandma's Philly

Grandma’s Philly brings bite–sized portions of Northern Thailand to Philly.

Why You Can't Remember What Happened at Last Year's VMAs

What used to be the peak of pop culture is now a tightly choreographed snoozefest

Rookie Mistake: A K–Pop Dilemma Between the New and Old

Why newer K–pop rookies in recent years have struggled to capture the attention of the public.

Camila Cabello Shows Her 'Familia' to the World.

The pop singer’s third album tries to balance authenticity with commercial appeal. Like family, the results can be messy.

Even for Indie, Lizzy McAlpine Is Distinctly Her Own in ‘five seconds flat’

The Philly native’s third studio album is her best and most mainstream record.

Surprisingly, the 2022 Grammys Weren’t Bad

The Grammys kept what worked in 2021 and applied it to a post–pandemic awards ceremony.

The Search for the Perfect Pop Song

Recent copyright infringement lawsuits surrounding Dua Lipa's "Levitating" highlight the constraints of modern pop songwriting.
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