If you've ever been to a packed, standing-room-only concert, you've felt the nauseating swell of excitement and terror one can encounter while being pressed up against the body in front of you as the entire crowd sways from one direction to the next, independent of your own control. Rapid heartbeats, sweat and near suffocation may produce within you a light-headed euphoria, as the sounds blasting from the speakers charge heavily through your ears and into your brain. Take a copy of the Deftones' new self-titled release, put it in your stereo, turn the volume way, way up, and you may find yourself re-living the experience.

The Deftones' fourth album may require more than one listen before the desired effect is obtained. Unlike their previous albums, which contain clean-cut, distinct, driving tracks, the new album is lined with a floating feel which blurs the edges of songs, creating a more connected, wave-like movement through the record. Still, band stays true to its reputation for deafening screams and body thrashing rhythms by interrupting waves with violent bursts from heavy break downs like in Bloody Cape. Tracks on self-titled are individually more monumental than anything previously released by the Deftones, with the hit single "Minerva" plowing its way to anthem status, pleading "such a strange numb, it could bring back peace to the earth."

Whereas lyrical content has been difficult to decipher on some of the Deftones' earlier albums, their newest is heavy with emotional quality, echoing of love and disappointment. Lead singer Chino Moreno juxtaposes heart wrenching screeches with breathlessly soft vocals throughout the album, giving some of his most gently sexy performances on Deathblow and Lucky You.

If you're not convinced of the new Deftones' album's ability to make you forget you're at home and send you into an imaginary concert bliss, put your headphones on, close your eyes and take Chino's advice on Needles and Pins. "Tune out everyone in the crowd because now its just me and you. Come fall in love with the sound"