Already, Troy is the best film of the summer. The hyped movie fails to disappoint and is reminiscent of Gladiator. While those who know Homer's story of Greece's siege of Troy will find no surprises in this movie, they will certainly be delighted by it. Troy delivers great epic battle scenes and an excellent story on the side. While the first quarter of this movie drags on, the rest of the movie seems much shorter than its over two and a half hour running time. The buff Brad Pitt does a great job as Achilles, defying expectations. The rest of the actors are almost perfectly cast in their historical roles, especially Orlando Bloom, who plays the role of Paris, a less-than-respectable prince. The only things missing from this movie are the gods from the original tale, but the action and excitement are enough for even the most diehard fans. Anyone who wants to see a movie that delivers action, drama, and -- surprisingly -- sex, should definitely check out Troy.