You know this is a chick flick, right?" Within three seconds of entering the theater, some random girl sitting next to me confirmed my initial doubts about First Daughter. If that were not enough, she prompted me to peruse the theater, in which I found myself a minority because I am neither under 25-years-old nor female. Despite this, I proceeded to watch the movie with an open mind.

First Daughter stars the awesomely hot Katie Holmes as Samantha Mackenzie, the daughter of President Mackenzie (Michael Keaton), who despite her fame is desperately seeking a normal college experience. This is a fairly trying task, especially considering that a group of burly secret service agents constantly flanks her and follows her every move.

After an embarrassing incident at a fraternity pool party involving her security detail, Samantha demands that daddy both cut her number of agents in half and make them appear less conspicuous. Dad agrees, but secretly adds James Lansome (Marc Blucas), one of the youngest agents, to disguise himself as a student and keep an eye on her. Samantha and James befriend each other and quickly fall in love. Just as everything is going well, Samantha accidentally learns that her new love interest is really an agent. Feeling betrayed, she discounts their relationship and James's true feelings.

If you didn't already notice, the premise of this film is bland and predictable. First Daughter is the type of movie that your mom might call "cute," while most college-aged kids would bluntly describe it as corny. If I were a pre-teen girl I would love it, but I am not, so I can hardly recommend this film to those who are not 12-17 and female. Yes, I have to admit the film lived up to my expectations, but they were exceedingly low. And with that being said, I implore all males to stay away.