The Incredibles Starring: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Jason Lee Directed: Brad Bird Rated: PG

Meet Bob Parr: He's married, he has three kids, he's fat. He's actually an insurance claims adjuster, but if, one day, an oversized robot finds itself walking down Main Street with a mind for destruction, he's probably your only chance ... unless of course his wife and kids are there ... or his best friend Frozone. Well, maybe it's just best to suspend your disbelief and meet The Incredibles.

Brad Bird writes and directs Pixar's sixth full-length animated film about a bunch of has-been superheroes forced into witness protection by frivolous lawsuits and suddenly called back into action. The villain? Mr. Incredible's number one fan -- think Selena, only rather than Jennifer Lopez it's Jason Lee (his voice anyways).

The visual graphics are, well, incredible -- pay close attention to the characters' hair, the latest development in computer-generated realism. The story, though not necessarily a comedy, is certainly worthy of an action/adventure label, creating enough explosions and one-liners to stand with the best of the Bond films. There are some funny moments -- like when the artsy costume designer describes the perils of capes for superheroes -- but the film's true strength shows through the clever dialogue and the skillful animation. With these the film stands proudly beside X-Men and Spider Man.