When will Ashton Kutcher learn his lesson? Certain people are off limits. He can't go around "punking" everyone, especially Bernie Mac.

In Kevin Rodney Sullivan's Guess Who, Kutcher plays Simon Green, a successful young stockbroker who is engaged to Theresa Jones (Zoe Saldana). When Theresa's parents renew their wedding vows on their 25th anniversary, Theresa takes it as an opportunity to introduce her parents to her white fiance. However, Theresa's father, Percy (Mac), is less than thrilled to welcome Green into his family, and chaos ensues.

Guess, while predictable, is quite funny. With his in-your-face humor, Mac is the star of the film. He plays the intimidating father well, although this is hardly a stretch from his television role on The Bernie Mac Show. Surprisingly, Kutcher is amusing instead of annoying, playing a light-hearted jokester who consistently fails to impress Mr. Jones. The Kutcher-Mac battle with go-cart races and spooning, is creative and funny.

A remake of the 1967 classic Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, the film is basically a series of jokes about the two stars interracial dynamic. While it will not garner the Academy Award nominations of its predecessor, Guess is a refreshing comedy nevertheless.


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