Kevin Lo Norah Jones - "The Long Way Home"

Jazz or not jazz, it's hard to deny the simple power of Norah Jones. Plus, there's that whole thing about her not writing all her songs. But beyond that as well, Jones gets under your skin with her breathy, weightless vocals. The Tom Waits-penned "The Long Way Home" is the perfect country/pop song, filled with delightful storytelling and a lulling guitar line. When Jones sings, "Money's just something you throw off the back of a train," I want to be on that train.

Eugenia Salvo Bass players

Each role within a band requires a certain personality. For example, there are various types of drumemrs, but a drummer-type can never make it as a guitar player or a keyboard player. Having said that, I'll fill you in on a little secret: the bass player is always the nicest member of the band. Not that other members can't be nice, but there are reasons. The thing is, no one starts playing bass thinking they will get the most attention (or the most ass). The bass player knows his place in the band, isn't jealous and inevitably has to make up for the lack of attention by being awesome. It's true. Now go into the world and use this information to your advantage.

Jim Newell Fiona Apple - "Extraordinary Machine"

If you've seen Fiona Apple's video for "Criminal," you know that she's a bad girl. That's why Sony executives should expect hell after recently deciding to shelf Extraordinary Machine, Fiona's first album in six years -- reportedly for its lack of commercial appeal. Luckily, the album was recently leaked to the internet for disgruntled fans, who have met the tunes with enthusiasm. As well they should. Machine, under Jon Brion's production, is her best album, as songs like "Oh Well" and the title track will destroy you with righteousness. Malkmus once sang "I don't need this corporation attitude," so why should Fiona?


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