If the Ego section editors had to pick a person to play them in a made-for-TV movie called, A Day in the Life Of ...who would it be?

Janice Hahn

I'd pick Margaret Cho to play me. Aside from the fact that we are both Korean and have similar eyes (sans eyelid fold), I feel that beneath her raunchy exterior, lies a sensitive girl aching to come out of her shell. Also, she would do a good job expressing the woes I have about getting burned on my foldless eyelids after squinting under the sun.

Claire Stapleton

I would say Natalie Portman, not because I'm presumptuous about my looks, but because she's not that good of an actress, and I'm not that good at my life. So overall, it would end up as an appropriately disappointing film. Just kidding, I'm great and so is she. Cheers!

Gena Katz

Jonathan Lipnicki. Because I too was once a child. We both also live with a mouse. I would name mine to prove a point- but only if I had to. We both have funhair. And if you say fuck, I won't tell.


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