How would describe Wharton style?

MBA's dress like douche bags. If you're into the whole tucked-in triple-pleated khakis with square-toed loafers ... I mean, forget the bald spots. That's just crazy. And then there are the undergrads: the cats who're receding at 19 -- that's how you know who the finance majors are.

How would you describe Wharton females?

I would say that there are different factions. The ones who dress like men, the ones who should be wearing more clothing, and then you have some who are Eurotrash, and the women with their version of the power suit. It's like, my balls are so big I don't even need balls. They have that "Fuck you" look, those are the ones you've got to watch out for.

Biggest difference between SAS and Wharton style?

The one thing you notice in Wharton is when one cat is dressed like a hippie. There was this one kid the day who was wearing, like, a throw rug with a hole cut in for the head the other day. And you're like, this is corporate finance -- I don't have spare change. You see lots of backwards hats in both places, but the logos are different. At Wharton they're like Credit Suisse, First Boston backwards. At SAS you see the Penn logo. They're just happy there. They like to remind themselves.

Describe Canadian style.

Don't get me started. I'm from Montreal which I would say is a completely different country in terms of, people don't tend look as autistic as the rest of Canada. In Montreal you get a lot of Diesel, ENERGIE ENERGIE, just like ... ugh. It's overwhelming.

Must-have style item?

Pants. And gotta have good sneakers. Gotta rock ill gear.

Do you floss?

I don't floss, but the last time the dentist checked me out he said, "You have good teeth." and I was like, "I don't do shit."

Style icon?

I do better than most.


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