David Koechner is one of those actors who is perfectly content playing "policeman number two." Though he's not usually on the screen for more than a couple of minutes, he manages to garner up a small, but well-deserved laugh. For him, screen-time does not seem to be so much of an issue; instead, it's all about quantity over quality. Simply put, he's "that guy" -- a familiar, nameless friend. Since 2005, Koechner has been cast in 15 movies ranging from Anchorman to The Dukes of Hazzard. Sometimes, Koechner is cast as the random, confused hillbilly. Other times he's the angry, obnoxious guy who causes a ruckus. Undeniably, Koechner seems to pop up in every major comedy. With his disturbingly hairy looks and charming beer belly, Koechner often takes the backseat to more polished Hollywood honchos like Will Ferrell, and it's about time that we put a name behind that familiar face.

Born: Tipton, Missouri

Studied: Political Science at the University of Missouri

What he would be if he weren't a comedian: Manufacturer of turkey coops

Big break: Saturday Night Live, but was promptly kicked off after one year.

Most famous SNL impersonation: Burt Reynolds

Next big movie: You, Me and Dupree with Kate Hudson, Matt Dillon and Michael Douglas

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