Woody Allen's new film, Match Point, is a departure from his recent string of less-than-stellar comedies. The film -- which garnered Golden Globe nods for Allen and actress Scarlett Johansson -- is not a dry, witty comedy, but rather an intelligent and tragic drama. Don't think Allen has left out the comedy -- he shows his true genius in moments of subtle and ironic humor that fit in nicely with the rest of the film. Match Point is set in London, which serves as Allen's new muse, taking over for Manhattan (his first true love). The story of four young, wealth and intelligent singles dealing with the conflict between passion and practicality includes the British trio of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Matthew Goode and Emily Mortimer, with Johansson being the lone American. Allen weaves an intricate story full of secrets and deception, love and passion which, with any more explanation, would give too much away. There are a few awkward moments that seem too cliche for Allen, but a savvy audience should soon realize he's just poking fun at those who do not want to have to think while watching a movie. Match Point is a smart, intricate and beautifully crafted film that will leave most viewers saying, "Wow, Woody Allen is back"