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Yeeun Yoo


Leading with Hope, Reading for Resistance

Cultivating love and community with Philly’s first annual Bookstore Crawl

Transforming Rage into Care

How the recent Maui fires and all forms of colonialist violence remind us to respond with rage. 

Underpaid and Overworked: Internship Culture Dissected

When desperation for an internship turns into systemic exploitation. 

Where's the Break in Summer Break?

Long gone are the summers of sunshine and sunscreen. Enter the Internship. 

There's Nothing Iffy About Iffy Books

Meet the Penn alum reading books and challenging the power at Iffy Books.

Dreaming American at the Oscars

The truth under the surface of Hollywood’s obsession with the "American Dream".

Ego of the Week: Ana Gomez

From concerts to Cannes, this senior redefines the realms of Penn's pre–entertainment scene. 

My Name, My Story

On reclaiming my identity through my name
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