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Avalon Hinchman


Me and My Doula Against the World

Philly doulas are helping pregnant people achieve an autonomous and empowering birth experience, no matter how they choose to deliver.

A is for Aspiring Educators at Penn

Penn’s new club for teacher hopefuls is a lesson in community–building, as they work to create a sustainable future for education.

Snatching Wigs and Booking Gigs

In the City of Brotherly Love, drag sisters, misters, and everyone in between are out here doing it for themselves—and their communities.

A Reverberating Victory: Shut Down Berks and the Fight for Immigrant Liberation

The Berks County Residential Center was officially emptied this month following nearly a decade of campaigning to shut down the immigration prison. 

More than Medicine: A Holistic Approach to Care

Penn’s new CARE–7 curriculum teaches medical students how to provide palliative care to patients with serious illness. 

Chef Kurt Evans Is Fighting for Criminal Justice Reform—One Dinner at a Time

As a chef–organizer–entrepreneur, Evans highlights the stories of incarcerated individuals through food, storytelling, and—most importantly—empathy. 

Branching Out with Penn Student Government

PSG advocates on behalf of the student body. But what are the limits of its powers as a constituency of the University?

Planting the Seeds of Food Justice at Penn Farm

How the Penn Park Farm is working to empower students and address campus food insecurity sustainably
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