You may know her as Will Smith's wife, or as the actress in such films as the Matrix Reloaded and Madagascar, but Jada Pinkett Smith is reinventing herself as the frontwoman of the new, aggressive rock band Wicked Wisdom. Since it formed almost two years ago, the group has gone from opening for Britney Spears in Europe to playing the second stage at Ozzfest after being discovered by Sharon Osbourne.

Street caught up with Pinkett Smith and rhythm guitarist Cameron Graves to talk about their upcoming show at the Electric Factory and their self-titled debut album, which features Black Sabbath-esque tracks that merge heavy metal with soulful melodies. Both Pinkett Smith and Graves are optimistic about the band's future. "We're creating a sort of soul rock fusion thing," Pinkett Smith says. Graves agrees, adding that that they're trying to "have a King Kong style of metal -- a sound so big it's beyond the regular metal sound."

Pinkett Smith writes the rage-infused lyrics which draw from life as she sees it. "Something Inside of Me" was in response to the kidnapping and murder of a five-year-old girl in California. Passionate about her music and band, Pinkett Smith looks forward to pursuing both her musical and theatrical careers. "We all have the power to create our own life," she states, as she moves ahead balancing family, Hollywood and heavy metal.

Wicked Wisdom will open for Sevendust at the Electric Factory this Saturday. Their self-titled debut album hits stores Feb. 21.


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