Oh Feb Club, you have returned once again to bring a mix of joy and social awkwardness to the lives of Penn seniors. February becomes a month-long freshman year reunion and I’m rather nonplussed at the prospect of seeing how many people I have gotten fatter than over the last four years. That creepy engineer from your freshman hall who would watch you do your laundry, that girl you threw up on during sophomore NSO — the list of people you don’t want to see goes on and on. It also doubles as a list of reasons to get completely black out.

But it’s far too easy to drink every night for a month. That’s so junior year. Instead, we will visit places serving the unhealthiest food available and go ice-skating. Where are the condiments and day-drinking when you need them? The events calendar might be of interest to underclassmen as well. You’ll know exactly where not to go any given night this month.

In truth, I would be open to surrounding myself with strangers instead of Hugh Grant DVDs this Valentine’s Day, but Feb Club smites me again by choosing to take a day off on February 14. Fortunately, my copy of Notting Hill doesn’t believe in days off.

The number of names immortalized upon the hallowed walls of Smokey Joe’s has suffered a precipitous decline in recent years. In spite of my cynicism, I propose we reverse the trend. Because when you really get down to it, Feb Club is about bringing us together and fostering a sense of community in our increasingly segmented world. And even I will drink to that.