You'd think. As a College student who splits her time between the architecture studio and the office of the arts and culture weekly you’re currently holding, you’d think I’d be able to avoid all of this OCR hullabaloo.

I fully intend on going to graduate school — maybe by way of a job or two — but never in the (as the Campus Services website puts it) “very important, but limited, sector” that recruits twice each year on campus. And even if I did, I don’t think I could bear to put myself through the info session, resume drop, wait on PennLink at midnight to get a good interview slot, offer process. But, in the words of Tim McGraw, I’ve got friends that do. Best friends that do. And though I don’t have classes in Hunstman, nor own a suit, I can’t seem to escape the stress and chaos that On Campus Recruiting unleashes on the Penn community.

It’s a feeling of general uneasiness. Uncertainty. Unworthiness. It’s so strong, I feel bad that I’m not constantly studying the Financial Times or obsessively practicing my mental math and on-the-spot problem solving skills. Some of my friends have sworn off drinking for the next few weeks, for fear that the slightest level of intoxication will cause them to break down into tears.

It seems so silly! Just as only-at-Penn silly as those silly bandz that Amy G is giving out at her back to school backyard parties. Silly that thousands (as Campus Services claims) of Penn students are willing to go through hell and back just for a job. And a soulless, grueling job many only want to do “for a few years” or “to get their foot in the door” (read: a naive plan to make enough money before they move on to a truly rewarding profession).

There are simply just so many opportunities at this university. Opportunities, internships, grants and career paths in fields and departments and subjects where professors and industry luminaries take the time to get to know you and have genuine interest in your success. How is it thatmore commonplace that Penn students put their futures in the hands of a stressful, hateful system instead of mentors (and their networks)whom they trust?

Go to the Penn Museum! Or the Kelly Writers House! Come work for Street, Underthebutton or for the DP! Go stencil something (page 12)! Take our useful Lowbrow quiz to sort through add/drop (page 15). Or just be inspired by this week's Philly Aids Thrift feature (page 8) and wander down there yourselves.

'til next week,