Friday 10/15: Blonde Redhead with Pantha du Prince, Electric Factory, $20 Japanese and Italian exports Blonde Redhead have been channeling the soul of 80's shoegaze for years with their dreamy guitar riffs and melancholic trilingual whispers. Last month’s Penny Sparkle fully embraced the ethos of chillwave, so expect a more downtempo, ambient set from these electropop mainstays.

Sunday 10/17: Dead Kennedys, Theatre of the Living Arts, $23 Anyone who knows punk knows the Dead Kennedys; they defined a specific brand of antisocial, anti–Reagan anger way back in the 80's. Though it’s been years since they toured with the Clash, fighting off overblown obscenity charges and releasing brilliantly eclectic albums like 1985’s Frankenchrist, the band reunited in 2001 with former Dr. Know singer Brandon Cruz and has been off–and–on touring since. Be sure to see the band on this short East Coast tour, which only includes several dates and may be one of their last.


Now — December 5: Desert Jewels: North African Jewelry and Photography from the Xavier Guerrand-Hermes Collection, Philadelphia Museum of Art, $8 Everyone likes shiny things. And even if you don’t, you should still venture to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and see this stunning collection of photography from Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Egypt, and Tunisia as well as some dazzling North African jewelry (read: dope bling-bling that would put Kanye’s Jesus piece to shame). Gathered over the course of three decades, these delicately and elaborately worked coins, metals and precious stones will leave you starry–eyed. Word of advice: leave your girlfriend at home unless you’re willing to throw down some serious dough in the gift shop.

Now — November 5: Pinhole Dreams, Nexus Gallery Any schmuck with access to an Urban Outfitters can pick up a Lomography camera and take alt pictures a la the Cobrasnake. But contrary to popular belief taking great, one off photos cannot be attained through the Hipstamatic! app on your iPhone. Pinhole Dreams is a collection of works by artists who use pinhole photography to challenge preconceptions of “ordinary life” through marred prints, time-lapsed shadows and distorted vision.


Now — October 31: Why I’m Scared of Dance by Jen Childs, 1812 Productions, $31-$40 If you were seriously traumatized by a screaming, anorexic Russian ballet teacher when you were younger, you’ll totally feel for comic powerhouse Jen Childs. Let her take you through the basic moves. and in between all the plies, fouettes, and Child’s self–mocking, you might learn a little something about dancing to the beat of your own drum.