Ohhh, Wawa Coke ICEE.

It doesn't take a lot to make me happy. Really, all it usually takes is 22 ounces of you — or 32 ounces, if Wawa is out of the small bubble lids or it's icky and misty out. Two or three sips of your heavenly slushy sugary goodness and my mood is instantly transformed for the better.

Sure, my sister gave me that homemade slushie machine one time. And sometimes a trip west to 7Eleven will tide me over. But when you emerge from that corner by the touch order screen and wall of Herr's potato chips, you give me stomach butterflies. I shyly smile as I push the plastic button and you fill my plastic cup, and it's a rush of adrenaline when I try and time the button's release just so that you stop expanding just as you reach the little occulus at the top of the bubble lid.

It is my dearest wish that everyone has a certain beverage or dish, or maybe even an ingredient or cuisine that makes them as truly gleeful as you make me. As they say, "I'd like to buy/the world a Coke [ICEE]," but since I'm nowhere near that well endowed (financially), the Street staff presents the Fall 2010 Dining Guide instead. Dear ICEE, I hope that the contents of these pages will inspire our readers to explore the culinary world of Philadelphia to find their very own gastronomical true loves.