Joke Issue:

Cruising around the Big Apple in his flivver for hire, Lenny the Cabbie has seen his fair share of odd birds. He might not be a professional critic, but this wise guy has a few choice words for the enfant terrible of the art world, Spanish painter Salvador Dali. By Lenny The Cabbie Retrospective Bust of a Woman, 1933 Is this some kinda jab at them Okies? Those poor bastards would bump you off just to get at a kernel of that corn. This guy’s off the cob! And have a look at the ants crawlin’ all over that mug. A real Bug–Eyed Betty, she is! Say, is this fella one of them frogs? That bread–avous don’t look quite like Uncle Sam. Architectronic Angelus of Millet, 1933 Oh boy, we got us a bonafide Gunsel here. This painter lollygagger ain’t foolin’ around. That long rod’s looking pretty damn symbolical to me. And that other lump over there — don’t it look like it’s going right into his kisser? Hey mac, the bank’s open! Spectre of Sex Appeal, 1934 The title says it all on this one. But why’s this choice bit of calico got bubs made of sausages? That dewdropper Dali’s gotta get his anatomy straight; leave it to a three–letter man to make a lady out of the butcher shop’s leftovers. Those gams look like two towers of Swiss cheese. I don’t know whether to make whoopee to her or to eat her! The Little Theatre, 1934 Didja notice the red high heel swinging from the giant spoon? You know who I heard’s got shoes like these? My cousin’s a dick for the feds; he’s tellin’ me J. Edgar Hoover’s hiding a closet full of ‘em. I’d bet an Abe’s Cabe this Dali’s dressing up in a dame’s get–up too.

The Enigma of William Tell, 1933 Jeepers creepers! You gotta lay of the Indian hop, old boy! That’s some buttocks! Conspicuously erect if you ask me. Is this William Tell offing himself with a dagger through the heart? He’d get the job done a lot easier with a Chicago typewriter straight to the temple.