Maturation often brings with it deeper contemplations, more difficulties and multi–layered change. So it goes with Surfer Blood’s new EP, Tarot Classics, particularly the strong opening track “I’m Not Ready.” Mixing a heavy dose of acoustic and electric guitar, as well as a characteristically psychadelic edge, the track shows that Surfer Blood has continued to develop beyond the initially profound notions they began with on Astro Coast.

“I’m Not Ready” reeks melodically of the first album, though perhaps with a slightly harder pop edge. Lyrically, the band has shifted gears into examining the human condition, a move first made on the track “Catholic Pagans.” While less surreal than previous efforts, “Ready” showcases Surfer Blood’s musical proficiency, building very gradually to a refrain hidden within the song — “And I’m not ready to look the other way/Take a look under the microscope man/Try and ignore the disarray.”

Of course, this track and its EP should be viewed as an exploration and extension of the band. By no means does “Ready” depart drastically from Astro Coast. Rather, it comes as both a breath of fresh air and a reminder that some bands can grow up without growing apart.