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Weike Li


A Conversation on 'The Boy and the Heron'

Hayao Miyazaki begs the fundamental question of our existence in his final swan song.

Behind the Glamour of a Summer Film Festival

At the Cannes Film Festival, power comes before everything else.

What could Possibly be Wrong about Netflix?

Streaming services are destroying the film industry with homogenization and capitalism.

"A New Old Play": Clown Spirit and Handmade Craftsmanship

Qiu Jiongjiong's fictional feature debut is an intimate and mesmerizing ride in Chinese history and mythology.

The newest crime thriller ‘Decision to Leave’ will leave its audience emotionally shattered

Park Chan–wook returns with a genre–bending thriller equally fascinating as Parasite

2022 New York Film Festival: Full of Under–the–Radar Gems

This year’s New York Film Festival continued to testify the power of cinematic art and its everlasting appeal.

‘Blonde’ Is Anything but an Authentic Representation of Marilyn Monroe

While the film succeeds in its stylistic choices, ‘Blonde’ is a poor and fictional recounting of Marilyn Monroe’s life. 

For bitter 'Game of Thrones' fans, 'House of the Dragon' is a thrilling welcome back to Westeros

For those who are worried about another disappointment after 'Game of Thrones,' fear not. 
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