Known for Obama’s HOPE graphic ­— the most effective political poster since “Uncle Sam Wants You” ­— Shepard Fairey is a little less famous for marking up a few Philly walls. Pay tribute to the political art–ivist this Mural Arts Month, and pair each of his murals with the best nearby grub.

6th and Reed St.

Rim Cafe for the “Oh–my–God” Cannoli drizzled with honey and sprinkled with pistachios. 1172 S. 9th St.

2001 Frankford Ave.










Philadelphia Brewing Co. for a factory tour and a cold bottle of Pennsylvania Pale Ale. 2439 Amber St.

2621 W. Girard Ave.







The EraBar for stewed lamb and other inexpensive and spicetastic Ethiopian delicacies. 2743 Poplar St.

9th and Ellsworth St.









Sabrina’s for cream cheese–stuffed, banana–topped challah french toast. 910 Christian St.


Click here for an Artspiration of the mural on 9th and Ellsworth St.