Masturbatory. Tasteless. Seminal? All of these words describe (literally, in some cases) Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, the feature–film produced by Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, two of modern comedy’s most unique personalities. Rather than focusing on brief, schizophrenic scenes (edited together by quite possibly the most skilled team in the business), the film maintains a moderately coherent plot, albeit one interspersed with several cutaways of questionable relevance. Still, plowing through the nonsense, sadism, blatantly forced cringe moments and jokes made solely for the amusement of Tim and Eric, something amazing happens. Fourth walls are broken, and all of a sudden the film crafts its own context as a pseudo–political–cum–comedic commentary piece, wrapping all of its absurdity in a strangely satisfying manner. Look at Tim and Eric as something transcendent — examine your own reaction as you watch, and it becomes magical. Just don’t drink the shrim.

4/5 Stars