The Word on the Street column often ends with some sort of inspirational conlusive statement. This one was going to end with praise of the concept of “discovery”. In a fit of inspiration, I decided to skip the actual article. Here’s a list of things recently discovered by myself and others:

The nightgown is the most comfortable item of clothing.  //  Today I discovered that maybe I don’t want to be involved in as many groups as I am right now.  //  Very few movies, proportionally, represent multi–dimensional women.  //  The Ottomans besieged Vienna twice.  //  The materiality of language.  //  On the internet, Ragu asked: “What’s Your Latest Dinnertime Discovery?” and invited everyone to join the “Momversation.”  //  My inner feminism and the heterosexist oppression in society.  //  I miss LOST//  Starbucks Cake Pops.  //   The main thing I miss about home is wandering around Costco with my family.  //  Zoroastrianism.  //  A mouse in the vent by the tables in Houston.  // is now just  //  That there’s no one I feel more sympathy for than the Witches of Salem. I hope they were actually witches, but it’s still unjust that they were killed.  //  Sangria.  //  There’s no ‘o’ in tendinitis.  //  Twin Peaks! On Netflix Instant.  // My parents are great.  //  Doxycycline has been stuck in my throat for 10 hrs. It is burning my esophagus. It hurts badly.  //  What would America’s West Coast be like with a strong train network?  //  I rediscovered Oreos.  //  Meditation.  //  I discovered a new type of dinosaur that I didn’t know about before.  //  Not to blow any minds here, but as far as trends: vampire ? Germanic fairy tales.  //  Penn has exactly one Olympic–sized swimming pool. //  Times New Roman was created in 1932.  //  It was a trap.  // Broad City, the webseries. //  How they make naan.  //  Poetry readings are humorous.  //  It’s better to just say hi to the person if you’re not sure if you should say hi or not.  //  You can block people on Twitter.  //  One Penn Russian professor used to be a speed skating champion.  //  I don’t want an internship this summer.  //  Before we grab something our visuomotor system has already approximately calculated the width that our fingers must spread to accommodate the objects.  //  Cheesesteaks.  //  The cut on my nose is going to scar. //  I can’t not study for exams and get good grades like in highs chool.  //  Sometimes you just need to know when to stop talking.  //  The high five wasn’t invented until 1973.  //  Veganism.