Street: What’s your favorite part of Spring Fling? CP: I like the carnival in the Quad, personally. There’s inflatables and mechanical bulls and tons of free food. It’s my baby. My pride and joy. KC: My baby is daytime entertainment: the two concerts in the quads. JP: My baby is port–a–potties.

Street: If you guys went on the electric bull, who would last the longest? KC: I would have to volunteer myself. CP:  I was really good last year. I lasted pretty long. KC: Are your thighs that strong? CP:  I mean… I don’t know the strength of my thighs. JP: We have two this year, so we’ll battle it out. Battle of the Bulls.

Street: What’s your spirit animal? CP: I want it to be something cool. KC: Me too. A unicorn. I want to be a unicorn.

Street: Why? KC: I like blood. JP: What?! CP: Unicorns don’t like blood! You’re a mosquito or something. KC: Wasn’t there a unicorn in Harry Potter who drank blood…? Or what was that animal?

Street: It was Voldemort. KC: Can I be Voldemort? CP: You can be a snake. KC: I’ll be a snake. No, I’ll be a serpent. Serpents are hella baller. CP: For me… what’s an animal that’s happy all the time? KC: Cows. CP: Okay, my spirit animal is not a cow. JP: You’re really bad about this. KC: I think she should be a cow. CP: Cows suck. KC: Cows are happy! JP: Next question!

Street: You guys enter a bar. What’s your game plan? JP: I’m underage, so I don’t go to bars. CP: If I were 21, I’d go straight for the alcohol. KC: I am 21. I would still go for the bathroom.

Street: Who’s your alter ego? JP: Katy Perry! Katy Perry! KC: I always wanted to be that head Mean Girls girl. JP: Regina George. CP: You’re such a bitch! KC: I’ve always wanted to be a bigger bitch! For me, it’s either Regina or I want to be — have you guys watched Breaking Bad? JP: Yeah. The guys who makes the drugs? CP: So you either want to be a drug provider or a bitch. KC: They’re both, like, badasses. JP: Just stick with Regina George. You’re not going to be a drug lord.

Street: Where can we find you during Spring Fling? CP: We’ll all be very stressed. Eating lots of candy. But when the sun goes down, Friday… KC: We’ll be gone. We’ll be MIA. CP: We check out once the Quad closes. You’ll never see us again.


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