Throughout high school I was a theatre kid — perhaps some vestiges of this remain in my personality (aside from the attention obviously gained from writing articles). As such, I present to you this comparatively artistic mash–up from Broadway’s (retro–updated) past. In 1928 Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weil wrote and composed The Threepenny Opera, which was all about pimps and prostitutes and who knows what other nastiness. Over time, artists like Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Kevin Spacey (as Bobby Darin!) covered this piece, turning it into a popular piece of lounge music for all to enjoy. As such, I present to you the further updated version — Armstrong’s rendition mixed with Missy Elliot, as mashed by Sam Redmore. Check it out below, and start adding it to all your retro 20s parties as soon as possible.