What’s the one word to describe “Psychedelic Pill”? Bland — Neil Young’s 35th studio album churns out a monotonous repetition of forgettable guitar riffs and tacky lyrics. In “Driftin’ Back,” the 16–minute album opener, Young reminisces about the past through uninspired lyrics and a generic guitar solo that seems self–indulgent and never–ending. The rest of the songs continue in a similar fashion; Young’s stale reflections all run together into a continuous flow of boring, passable lyricism and guitar work. After an array of unrelenting tedium, “She’s Always Dancing” momentarily reinvigorates the album: dynamic vocals are a refreshing change from Young’s usual bluesy falsetto. However, one good song doesn’t make up for the overarching monotony. This “Psychedelic” is one pill you don’t want to take.

2/5 Stars