The Los Angeles–based Haim sisters burst onto the music scene during the summer of 2012 with danceable singles “Falling” and “Forever” that were ripe and ready for alternative radio play. The band’s first full–length album, “Days Are Gone,” opens up exactly the same way, but now leads into an impeccably curated 11–track list of sun–kissed, retro–inspired songs. From the 80s pop influence in the title track to the heavier rock feel of “My Song 5,” Haim showcases their versatility while staying true to their previously developed aesthetic. Danielle, Este and Alana, along with drummer Dash Hutton, gained traction in the music scene following their first EP, and the attention that “Days Are Gone” will garner is much deserved given its pristinely polished, consistently catchy material.

Grade: A Download: “Honey and I” Sounds best when: Eating a popsicle on a sunny day during Fling in the Quad.