Bobby Blue, medium rare, crunchified, sweet potato fries and fry sauce on the side, thanks. My name is Chloe Bower and I’m a burger addict.

More specifically, I’m a Bobby’s Burger Palace addict. I have an enabler (he’s right under me in the masthead and right next to me in the office) and a routine (order online, pick up in–store after a latte from Capogiro). What I don’t have—or at least didn’t have before yesterday—was a loyalty card.

Hundreds of burger/salad/milkshake/fry purchases and not a single rewards point to show for it. I’m not sure who I’m more angry at, myself or the Welsh cashier who pointed it out to me after prematurely completing my transaction and rendering me ineligible to start getting points until my next binge session. While I want it to be him, it’s definitely me.

I’ve been doing so well this year with my resolution to, very broadly, get my shit together—I bought a weekly planner and have actually written in it! Then, just when you think you’re being a successful pseudo grown–up, BAM, ¡sorpresa!, you’ve been practically throwing free burgers away for years.

This year, though, I’ve also resolved not to give up on my resolutions when they go awry. Instead, every time I figure out new places where my shit is not together, I will get it together. Every time I find a new resolution for 2015, I’ll make it that day’s resolution instead. This is the time of the year when many of us start to give up and fall back into old habits; we stop hand–writing our notes and start “typing them” (surfing our newsfeeds), give up on the Sweetgreen line and opt for Chipotle, leave our weekly planners at home.

This is a reminder to not give up. When life gives you a loyalty card, don’t be mad it took you this long to register. Find a reason to use it.