Broken Bells

James Mercer of “The Shins” and renowned indie–rock producer Brian Burton—better known as Danger Mouse—are back, four years after the duo’s debut album. In “After the Disco,” listeners will find a more consistent and coherent album, one that pairs older influences with modern production and updated sound.  Though the groovy influence is obvious thanks to the album’s title, “After the Disco” also showcases adaptations of classic rock on “Leave it Alone” and a modern, indie–soul sound on “Control” and “Holding on for Life.” Though well–produced, carefully constructed and expertly executed, the album makes for somewhat mindless listening.  Mercer and Burton have crafted an impressive sophomore effort, but that doesn’t necessarily make it an interesting one.

Grade: B+

Sounds Best When: Packing for Spring Break

Download: The classic rock inspired "Leave it Alone"