I don’t really like fling. There I said it. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I will stand by my opinion. Sure, a weekend of day–drinking and music and sun sounds like college perfec- tion and I even sent someone a text on post–Fling Sunday saying “How could fling not be good?” in response to the question “Good fling?” but the bottom line is that it can. It can be bad. It can be disappointing and it can be overrated and it can be bad.

We are told that Fling is our best weekend of the Spring and so we suc- cumb to the tremendous pressure to make it just that. And when it’s not, we sit in our air–conditioned rooms and avoid the quad with our best friends (no, just me?) and we feel worse about ourselves than when the weekend started.

But it doesn’t matter. I’m going to continue to pretend that I like Fling and force myself to have fun because that’s what Fling is for and sometimes

that’s what it takes. You only get one best weekend of the spring and even though mine may not have been what you would consider “best,” I had a great time in my room with my friends. Penn told me Fling would be something and I tried hard to make it that.

Now Street is here to talk bests. Here’s how this works: we tell you what we think is the best and you keep an open mind and find what works for you. You tell yourself “How could this not be good?” and even if it isn’t, you’ll find what is. Let Best of Penn be to you what Fling is to me. It’s a suggestion and we hope it turns into something more. Something you make for yourself.