You know that feeling when you’re not yet sick but the back of your throat is a little scratchy and you have to blow your nose when you wake up and you know you’re about to come down with a quarantined– in-bed–level cold? That was me this Mon- day morning. The calm before the storm, with the worst possible timing.

Even when the sun is shining and disposable–camera photos from Fling are still being uploaded, the end of the semester is always kinda rough. Everyone has finals and papers and the line for Wawa coffee is soOooOo long. This week? It’s that about– to–get–sick feeling—you know it’s coming but there’s no stopping this train.

Well, Street is pulling into the station with our last issue of the semester. We’re sad we can’t help you through finals, but we hope that this final Street will suffice. I’ve personally already read Shoutouts about 30 times and I recommend that you do the same until you get over your metaphorical finals–season sickness. They’re funny this semester, I pinky promise. Until next year, Chloe