Street: Tell us about Penny Loafers. Where do you perform?

Sarah Lindstedt: We are a co–ed indie/pop/rock a cappella group...We’ve sung at Hard Rock Cafe and we do First Fridays downtown in Old City. We sang at Citi Field Mets Stadium, which was super cool...We do one big show at the end of each semester.

Street: Where do you perform at First Fridays?

SL: Honestly, it’s guerrilla style. We’ll go down to First Friday and we ll find an empty street corner. One time we found this really weird alley that had really good acoustics and just started singing and people started crowding around.

Street: You sing on your own too, right?

SL: I sing and I write music...Before it gets cold, I want to go down to Rittenhouse and just play there for fun.

Street: When did you learn to play the guitar?

SL: I’ve been playing music since I was four or five. I started with the piano, then went to cello, clarinet...I played that for about seven years and in middle school one day, I came home and my mom had bought me a guitar for no reason.

Street: What did you do this summer?

SL: Meredith Stiehm, a Penn alum, is one of the executive producers and writers at Homeland, and she offered up this internship through Real Arts. I was kind of her assistant I was doing writers’ and production assistants’ work. Meredith also took me under her wing and I got to sit in the editing room.

Street: Did you get to ride in a golf cart?

SL: Yes! That is integral to the experience of working on a studio lot.

Street: Give us a cheesy pick–up line.

SL: The one that always makes me laugh is from How I Met Your Mother. Marshall gets super drunk and he’s slurring his words and he says, “Did you fall from heaven because have sex with me.”

Street: There are two types of people at Penn...

SL: Those who take the Smoke’s pretzel shot, and those who don’t know what they’re missing.

Street: We don’t know what that is. *shame* Enlighten us.

SL: It is the most delicious shot that Smoke’s has to offer that’s not on their menu.

Street: What is it?

SL: I...don’t know. It’s gotta be some sort of chocolate liqueur or something. It’s a mix of something! And then you get salt, and do the salt–licking thing, and take the shot and it tastes like a liquidated, alcoholic, chocolate covered pretzel.

Street: What would your superpower be?

SL: To fly. I have so many vivid flying vivid that, if humans had the ability to fly, I think I would know how to do it...The first five minutes after I wake up from the flying dreams I am convinced that I can do it. The come down is the worst.

Street: Describe yourself in three words.

SL: This is always my tagline for any social media presence: writer, baker, music maker.

Street: If you could have a drink with anyone in history who would it be and what would you drink?

SL: I would love to share a beer with my grandma. She’s from Germany, she passed away a couple of years ago...she and I were thick as thieves.

Street: Who is your current celebrity crush?

SL: Bradley Cooper speaking French.

Street: When does he do that?

SL: In French TV interviews. He is fluent! And it is so sexy. Google that. YouTube that. It will become your new celebrity crush. Oh, but then a girl crush? Cara Delevingne. She is bomb.

Street: What’s your favorite drunk food?

SL: Wawa meatball subs. With provolone and spinach and basil and a little bit of oil and a little bit of vinegar.

Street: What’s the best thing you’ve ever found in a thrift store?

SL: I should know this, I worked in a thrift shop...Oh, a wedding dress! Like a full–blown wedding dress, veil, everything. And, I watched multiple people try it on.

Street: What was the first concert you ever went to?

SL: John Mayer during his Continuum tour. Ben Folds opened. I remember I was holding my mom’s hand and we were squeezing it whenever he would do something that was really sexy. Just like, “Oh my gosh.”

Street: If you had a time machine where and when would you go?

SL: I’d want to do New York in the ‘20s, like the whole Great Gatsby era...What’s the thing that character Jordan says in the Great Gatsby? “I love big parties, they’re so intimate.” I’d want to go to those intimate, large parties.


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