1) DIY abstract art in three easy steps: paint sniffing + pepper sniffing = sneeze art.

2)  Save money on expensive birthday or Valentine’s Day gifts for your significant other by building emotional walls and growing ornery and dying alone.

3) Use sticky notes or washi tape to label your friends. Use a color scheme to know whom you should avoid.

4) DIY: Small pot pans make ace mod berets.  

5) Don’t worry about paying off those student loans; you can get out of them by dying before you have to pay them back.

6) Take an empty ketchup bottle and fill it with poison, then when you need poison it’s readily accessible.

7) Dry your fabrics with nose blood for that rich ombre pink which is so in right now.

8) Don’t have a condom? Hollow out a hot dog or any comparable sausage.

9) Use vinegar to clean your bathtub, then fill your bathtub with chips for a snack anyone can enjoy.

10) If you get a hole in your rug from burning your ex-boyfriend’s clothes, fill it with a mix of ash and a sample of similar house paint.