1. Use a pump up playlist as an alarm, a soundtrack for your walk to class or as a way to spice up your shower. Try a classic like Wake Me Up Before You Go–Go or try this playlist from our friends at Music 

2. #TBT to middle school gym class with some early a.m. jumping jacks.

3. Make a to-do list before you go to bed. Make the first entry "get up on time" for some instant gratification.

4. For those post-Smokes’ mornings, you’ll need an early start in order to walk of shame in private.

5. Or, if you made it home, get up early to catch your friends and/or neighbors in the act.

6. Convince your roommate to make you breakfast. Early bird gets the bacon!

7. Set your alarm for the last possible minute—put the pressure on and avoid the temptation to keep hitting snooze.

8. Pick your poison: french press, Keurig or Starbucks under Commons—let coffee be the light at the end of the tunnel your commute.

9. Take an ice cold shower—but please don't tell all your Facebook friends about it.

10. Last ditch effort: get a novelty alarm clock that does the hard work for you. Bonus points: put it on the other side of the room.