People who have parties on Tuesdays and the people who go to these parties. You are not invited.

Old woman. Why does she live in this neighborhood? Doesn’t she hate all of us? Has she always lived here? So many unanswered questions.

Guy who definitely has a dog. Maybe more dogs. That can’t be allowed in the lease.

You can just tell that they are rich, but still living in this shitty neighborhood. They have made some weird life choices.

They definitely play a sport, maybe rowing or, like, fencing? Is fencing a thing here?

House full of centaurs. Every block has one.

Cult compound.

Literally the worst. Everyone hates her. She’s that guy. Need we say more.

Penn owns this, maybe it’s classrooms or something. I think a Cinema Studies professor has an office there, or maybe it’s his house?