Today, over a lazy lunch, a friend of mine was telling me how badly she just needs Fall Break. "Don't you just need a break right now?" she asked, "I just need a break." I said I knew what she meant, but I realized quickly afterwards that I don't feel the same way. 

I definitely know what it feels like to just need a break. In fact, I don't think there's been a single break in all of my college years that I haven't needed. Exams seem to somehow always creep up all at once right before breaks. Your sleep deprivation seems to always reach a shocking apex right before breaks. Life seems to always just beat up on you right before breaks. 

But, for me, not this time. This time, I can't wait to see my boyfriend and to try some new restaurants while I'm back in Chicago, but I don't need any breaks. What I need right now is a genie who will let me go back to freshman year in the quad. I need time to slow down. I need college to stop slipping away so quickly. And I need to listen to my boyfriend's advice to never wish away time.

I'll enjoy every slow minute that ticks away until I get to board a plane and leave my stress behind for a while. Time is too precious to wish away. 


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