Last week, the Braverman family breathed a sigh of relief when Zeek awoke from heart surgery. This week, they faced an even bigger challenge: helping him recover. At home from the hospital, Zeek has camped out in the living room in front of a John Wayne marathon. He’s supposed to be moving around and starting to recover, but to Camille’s frustration, he won’t get up from the spot he’s carved into the couch.

Meanwhile, a new student arrives at Chambers Academy and stirs things up. Dylan Jones is a little too perfect for “Parenthood,” and she thinks Chambers is a “potpourri of freaks”—including Max, who she calls “Asperger’s.” He doesn’t seem to mind, but Kristina won’t have it, and calls Dylan into her office to lay down the law about name–calling. However, Adam doesn’t think Dylan’s ‘tude is malicious, and Max confirms his inkling when he asks his dad, “What do you do if you like a girl?” (How did we know this would happen the moment Dylan walked into Chambers?)

While Adam is at school making lunches, Crosby, whose motorcycle accident left him with an atrocious bruise on his ribs, goes to Big Sur to talk Oliver Rome out of going solo. Rome is at a spiritual healing center, where everything is conducted in silence, and Crosby joins in on the cleanse. (What show are we watching?) He stays the night only to learn that Oliver already signed with another label, and pitches a fit in the middle silent morning meditation. Dedicated “Gilmore Girls” fans will notice that the leader of this meditation circle also happens to play the Stars Hollow hobo/sometimes farmers market salesman. How he got here? Who knows. But “Parenthood” has a way of slipping in “Gilmore Girls” alums.

Speaking of “Gilmore Girls,” Sarah still has no idea that Sandy doesn’t want her in Ruby’s life. When Sandy comes to drop Ruby off one morning only to meet Sarah pantsless, Hank has to tell her—but he and Sarah are serious, and he wants her to be a part of Ruby’s life. He finally faces Sandy with this news days later, and (surprise!) she’s okay with it.

Last episode, Julia broke it to Joel that she was seeing someone, but that doesn’t mean their relationship isn’t as complicated as ever. They still don’t know where they’ll end up, and Sydney is still lashing out. When the couple takes her over to Melody’s house to apologize, Sydney refuses to do it sincerely. It’s beginning to seem like Joel and Julia’s marriage may make it all the way through season six.

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